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Agriculture is a vital industry in Nuba Mountains-Sudan for economic growth and improved industrial development. In fact, without farming, the Nuba Mountains people may not survive because 80% of the whole population depend on agricultural products.

As a result, NOAH’s plan, based on this local requirement in Nuba Mountains, is to help the rural farming community to extend their production. NOAH’s aim is to train local farmers to use modern technology to develop the industrial perspective to meet the needs of the local people and to prevent famine factors. Therefore we are asking agricultural organisations and departments who are interested, to support the Nuba people of Sudan in the use of modern technology..

Involvement of local communities

Involvement of local communities in graduation ceremony

The involvement of local communities, including churches, in supporting NOAH has become one of the most important partnerships for our sewing projects. Accompanying the graduates on their march to the graduation ceremony, from the leader’s point of view, was much appreciated and great for morale. NOAH would like to thank the churches and community leaders for their marvellous contribution in terms of emotional and moral support.

Graduation Ceremonies

Graduation ceremony 2018    Receiving certificate

The coming NOAH graduation in December will be larger than in previous years due to the fact that more sewing machines have been added. There will be a total of 47 sewing graduates this year: 20 graduating from the Beginners sewing class, and 27 from the Advanced class.

There are also approximately 8 building and construction students graduating at the same time, bringing the total number of graduates to 55 this year.

Because of the growing industry, we still need more fabrics and materials for the trainees to work on during the training activities. This will require your support to get all our materials for this year.

Extra trainers and staff are needed

Extra trainers and staff are needed

Extra trainers and staff are needed in Nuba Mountains-Sudan due to the increase in enrolment of sewing trainees. This means we have doubled the number of trainees in the Centre but not the capacity of the NOAH facility management. Therefore, your support is essential to us as seven trainers are needed at a salary of US$1,000 per year. If you can assist with this, or any of our other activities, please see NOAH’s banking details here.

NOAH Executive Committee

NOAH Executive Committee    NOAH leadership

The NOAH executive committee leadership in Nuba Mountains are doing a great job in facilitating the programs and activities that run in the Centre. The committee is formed from a variety of communities and church leaders into one team. Most of the committee members are volunteers who work cooperatively as a team to help the projects succeed.

Men need sewing training too

Sewing machines are needed for trainee men 

With more sewing machines added, the community is now in a better position to assist both females and males in the remote areas of the Nuba Mountains region.

NOAH has been focused on training widows in the sewing industry, but there is a need for men to be trained in sewing as well. This will need more sewing machines. Please see our Projects page for more details.

Sewing students

Sewing class students    2017 students

Blue is the colour of peace and security so the class has chosen this colour while they are in training to indicate the importance of peace in the Nuba Mountains region and beyond.



Prayer points for Sudan-Nuba Mountains

  1. Sudanese Church of Christ in Sudan and all churches in Sudan
  2. Pastors and church leaders
  3. Demolition of churches in Sudan
  4. War in Nuba Mountains, Blue Nile and Darfur regions
  5. Christian detainees, pastors, laymen, women and the continuing persecution
  6. Division among Sudanese Christians in Sudan
  7. Confiscation of Christians' properties, special worship facilities and other businesses like schools, clinics and relief agencies, along with the scrutiny and false accusations against Christians.

Your prayers are essential and vital to us in these hard times. For further information do not hesitate to contact us using any of the methods on our contact page.

Pastor Ben Angalo and wife Aziza

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