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On behalf of NOAH I would like to thank you for your prayers and any supportive contribution that you make. The following projects highlight the areas where most fundraising is needed right now for the people of Nuba Mountains. Please identify which of these projects you want to support to help us administer your funds accordingly by calling our Secretary, Elizabeth Lowdell, on 0455 910 953.

This is our NOAH account for your contribution:
(Please note that donations of $2 and over are tax deductible and an official receipt can be issued to you.)

Nuba Orphanage and Widows Home Inc.
Westpac Bank BSB 034054
Account Number: 282256

May God bless your efforts and extend your desire for serving him.

Please do not hesitate to contact me using any of the methods on our contact page.
Pastor Benjamin Angalo

Support is needed for agricultural programs Agricultural Programs

NOAH is seeking support for agricultural programs to train farmers in summer on such as growing green products and other local food.
Sewing machines are needed for men Extra sewing machines are needed for training men

Extra sewing machines are now needed for the Nuba men of Sudan to start their sewing training – a call to you if you have the heart to help, as an individual or part of an organisation or community.

To purchase each machine costs US$500 including shipping and customs tax.
Peanuts are important to nutrition  Hand operated oil machine
The importance of peanuts

Peanuts are very important to food nutrition in the Nuba culture as it has become one of the ingredients in Nuba’s dishes. In fact without it, the dishes will not taste as good. As a result, NOAH encourages local farmers to extend their peanut production by using modern technology.

Hand operated oil production is therefore another of NOAH’s projects. This will help the local ladies produce oil from peanuts and sesame seeds for family or commercial purposes.

Training in hospitality Hospitality

The hospitality industry in the Nuba Mountains is limited to using the local produce such as sorghum products which are used in every dish, in every meal, every day.

NOAH would like to train the local people on the use of new ingredients to help with different tasting dishes including healthy foods.
Improving women's lives
Improving women's lives

The women of Nuba Mountains-Sudan do heavy carrying work every day, every week, every year. For each female from 5 years up to 80 years it is an automatic way to become fit. However, this type of lifestyle needs to improve.

NOAH would like to offer training for the ladies to try other ways or to find alternatives so that brain injury can be prevented. Please let the NOAH team know if you have any suggestions to assist with this issue.

Sewing class
Sewing Classes

One of the alternatives to help these women improve their lifestyles is through training in the sewing classes. This provides them with new skills in the sewing industry. They then are able to use the profits from working in the sewing industry to hire trucks to transport their produce from the fields to the stores. In the first three years of NOAH providing sewing classes, there have been 67 graduates.

Reading the individual stories told by these widowed women gives us some understanding of the difficult realities they face day to day. Hearing how they have survived alone without their husbands brings pity to our hearts, tears to our eyes, and inspires us! Please take just a little time to read a small selection of these stories.

See how you can help Hana Bolis Abu-Rafas (who, at 35, has 7 children but desperately needs transportation and treatment in hospital), Samya Alma-Kuwa (who has a son with epilepsy and so he needs to be watched at all times), and Duriya Osman Adrakey (whose daughter is paralysed on one side and therefore needs full-time care). Also hear about Salwa Ibrahim Idris, who is now running her own training program to help her community.

New building style
New building styles

New styles of building are essential for the safety of the locals against natural disasters including fires, floods, and windy storms. NOAH’s plan is to train locals to consider using concrete instead of building huts and mud clay buildings.

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