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Individual Stories

Hana Bolis Abu-Rafas

Hana Bolis Abu-Rafas is one of the first group who graduated in 2016 from the NOAH sewing program in Irsalia-Umdorien. Hana is a daughter of Bolis, the brother of Daniel Aburafas (nickname Omar Alering) who is a dear friend of Rev Keith Black, a missionary in Nuba Mountains years ago, and who helped in the translation of the New Testament into his Moro language.

Hana came to NOAH training Centre to attend the sewing course and she finished it at the end of 2016. I asked Hana how she was doing. She replied, I am very good but I am very sick too and I donít know if NOAH can help me get into Kauda hospital for treatment because I canít afford to pay for it. Hana didnít mention what kind of sickness she is experiencing, but only asked for treatment cost and transportation to Kauda hospital in the Otoro area.

She said, "My husband died as a soldier and left me with 7 blessed children between the ages of 5 and 23 years. If it were not for my sickness I would have done much better in life, but due to this sickness I have become hopeless. I am only asking NOAH for hospital help. I am still very young at 35.

To help Hana get to a hospital for the treatment she needs, please mention her name when you make a donation.

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Samya Alma-Kuwa

Samya Alma-Kuwa is also from the first group who graduated from sewing classes in 2016. "I am glad", she told me, "that I was able to complete my sewing training program, but since I graduated I didnít find work in the sewing industry. In fact, I donít have a sewing machine with which I could have established my own business for the support of my family, especially my son who has epilepsy disease."

"My son needs special care for his epilepsy condition, specially when he has seizures. Therefore, I have to be close to him most of the time, otherwise he could burn himself and endanger himself. Therefore, I am really full time taking care of him."

"I am asking NOAH if they can provide a sewing machine for me to do my own business while I look after my son. My husband became very sick and died leaving me with 3 children, including my sick son. His medication is expensive."

"I am also getting older and am now 50. My sight is not good and I need reading glasses. I wonder if NOAH can provide reading glasses for me."

To help Samya with a sewing machine or reading glasses, please mention her name when you make a donation.

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Duriya Osman Adrakey

Duriya Osman Adrakey is from group 3 and graduated in 2018 from the sewing classes in the NOAH Centre in Irsalia-Umdorien. It is about one-day walking from Sarf-Jamus to the centre in Irsalia. "At the time", she said, "I didn't have to go home every-day because NOAH provided accommodation to all trainees like me who came from distant places. I was not lacking anything during my training far from my home in Sarf-Jamus."

"Since my husband passed away with severe sickness, he left me with 6 children between the ages of 5 and 28 years. It was very difficult at the beginning after his death, but I do thank God and the NOAH organisation for the support which I have received. Not only was my situation difficult, but I do have a girl who is disabled and I put in all my efforts to ensure that she is looked after. When she was 4 years old she became paralysed on one side and she cannot do anything by herself, only with me helping her."

"I wonder if NOAH can take my issues seriously and provide me with a sewing machine so that I can be able to work at home while taking care of my daughter?"

To help Duriya with a sewing machine, please mention her name when you make a donation.

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Salwa Ibrahim Idris

Salwa Ibrahim Idris is from the first group, graduating in 2016 with high achievement and performance during the training. I met with Salwa after the graduation ceremony. She is an amazing lady and creative. She  told me that after she graduated from sewing, she was thinking about what she could do to help her community with what she had learnt from the NOAH sewing program.

 She said she shared ideas with her community on how she could, by any means, help others who needed help. Indeed, her approach found acceptance and she then went ahead without hesitation and established a training opportunity. Now she is leader and manager of that project in her community in Albu-Hara Karkarai.

I do like the way Salwa thinks and how she created something from nothing, even without our contribution to it.

Salwa, you are a super lady. NOAH is proud of you and we will do what we can do to ensure that your program keeps running.

I said, "Tell me about yourself, Salwa."

"My name is Salwa Ibrahim", she answered, "and I am from Al-bu hara Karkarai. I am 35 years old and a very pretty young lady. I have 5 beautiful children between the ages of 3 and 13 years old. My husband died as a hero of the war in Nuba Mountains some years ago. He left me without anything, and at the time I was a very young mother, inexperienced in motherhood. I was working in my small farm to feed my children and when I heard about the NOAH program I was not sure how I could join the training."

"Obviously, the criteria to attend the training was through community selection, and I have been fortunate because many women in my community need this training. Therefore, I did then accept the call to attend the course. I had not been to Irsalia-Umdorien before, but I decided to come to Irsalia NOAH training Centre to join the group, and was absolutely optimistic about NOAH's sewing program. It was a new opportunity and I was very sure that I would come out with something after the training."

"In fact, I did very well during my training and I become one of the top achievers in the course. As result you can see me now giving back to my community what I have learnt from the NOAH program. Now I can see myself as somebody who can make a difference in the community and I will do my best indeed to make a difference among Nuba people."

"Indeed, Salwa", I said. "You have inspired me through your thinking and creativity. Keep up what you doing and you will make a big difference in the region. Well done, Salwa."

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